Heli Helskyahon uusi SQL, PL/SQL -kirja julkaistu


Heli Helskyaho on ollut kirjoittamassa uutta kirjaa:
‘Real World SQL and PL/SQL: Advice from the Experts 1st Edition’
Arup Nanda (Author),
Brendan Tierney   (Author),
Heli Helskyaho (Author),
Martin Widlake (Author),
Alex Nuitjen (Author).

Kirjan on julkaissut Oracle Press ja kirjaa on nyt saatavilla amazon.com:ista:


This hands-on guide from Oracle Press shows how to fully exploit lesser known but extremely useful SQL and PL/SQL features―and how to effectively use both languages together. Written by a team of Oracle ACE Directors, Real-World SQL and PL/SQL: Advice from the Experts features best practices, detailed examples, and insider tips that clearly demonstrate how to write, troubleshoot, and implement code for a wide variety of practical applications. The book thoroughly explains underutilized SQL and PL/SQL functions and lays out essential development strategies. Data modeling, advanced analytics, database security, secure coding, and administration are covered in complete detail.

Learn how to:

• Apply advanced SQL and PL/SQL tools and techniques
• Understand SQL and PL/SQL functionality and determine when to use which language
• Develop accurate data models and implement business logic
• Run PL/SQL in SQL and integrate complex datasets
• Handle PL/SQL instrumenting and profiling
• Use Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle R Enterprise
• Build and execute predictive queries
• Secure your data using encryption, hashing, redaction, and masking
• Defend against SQL injection and other code-based attacks
• Work with Oracle Virtual Private Database

Code examples in the book are available for download at www.MHProfessional.com.